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Save Money and Improve Your Health by Vaporizing Your Bud

Vaporizers are becoming an essential tool for patients and recreational marijuana users all over the world and it should come as no surprise. The choice to vaporizing instead of burning typically boil down to the affordability and portability of these devices, however vaporizers do have several other benefits associated with them.

Health Benefits of vaporizing

The fact that vaporizers never burn your cannabis is one of the main health benefits associated with vaping weed. Vaporizing simply heats the cannabinoids to its boiling point, meaning that you can inhale them without any of the carcinogens associated with the burning of cannabis. People who also use rolling papers and tobacco while smoking would benefit greatly from a vaporizer as these things contain additional carcinogens and come with their own health risks.

Something that is often overlooked when people are discussing the benefits of vaporizers is how damaging constantly inhaling smoke can be for your teeth. While it may not kill you in the long run no one likes to have teeth that are stained yellow from years of sustained smoking. Many vaporizer converts often say this is one of the reasons they wished they hat started vaporizing sooner.

Financial benefits

In today’s market a high end vaporizer could set you back at least $200, while this looks like a lot of money you need to factor in the savings that you will also make. Because vaporizers activate and deliver cannabinoids more efficiently than smoking the savings in medicine begins stacking up fast. Combustion cannot compete with vaporizing, let’s say an average smoker spends $300 a month on cannabis they could save up $100 a month in medicine. As a result you could save well over $1000 in a year making a vaporizer essential for any financially savvy smokers.

Lower cost vaporizers like the Magic Flight Launch Box, or MFLB, offer a great entry point for lower budget consumers as well.


Patients and recreational marijuana users who consume both flowers and concentrates will be happy to know that there are several all-in-one vaporizers on the market that are both portable and extremely affordable. These multi-purpose vaporizers, such as the XMax V2-Pro, usually have a ceramic heating chamber that will accept dried herb and come with an insert that will vaporize wax, shatter, CO2 oil and other concentrates. Note: If your concentrates insert is made of metal make sure it is made from high quality titanium, as inhaling vapor from low quality, cheap metal could be hazardous to your health.

Discretion & Portability

Last but not least one of the best reasons of all, discretion and portability. Who doesn’t want the ability to smoke weed or concentrates anywhere they go without drawing any unwanted attention to themselves? The distinctive odor associated with cannabis is almost nullified and you can say goodbye to clothes that constantly stink of smoke. Also, since there are so many people around that are using nicotine vaporizers, discretely using a a small pocket vapes won’t make you look out of place.


  1. I just recieved my vaporizer and tried to use it, but no smoke came out when I exhaled. Is that normal? There really wasn’t any definitive instructions with it.

  2. justkippi

    I followed what that small booklet told me to do. It gets warm, I just don’t exhale smoke. I’m new to this.

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