Rehydrate, Cure or Store Your Cannabis With Ease

It’s been a great day for you. You bounced out of bed this morning with a spring in your step, you had an easy rush hour commute, that thing happened at work that made you look good, and at the end of the day your guy called. He’s got a fat sack with your name on it, and on the way home you pick it up, looking forward to an evening plowing through a Netflix queue that you spent all week stuffing full of stoner movies.

You get home and pop open the bag for your ritual examination. As you pull what looks like a plump, tasty nug out it starts crumbling to dust right in your fingers. Oh noe’s, your weed is as dry as a bowl full of popcorn seasoned with chalk dust. What to do?

Luckily it’s not too hard to re-hydrate super dry bud in a pinch, it just takes a little patience (and sometimes some creativity). If you have an airtight container, such as a mason jar, you can toss your dry nugs in there and then drop in something that contains moisture, like an apple slice or carrot. But you don’t want something wet actually touching your precious herb, you just want it to absorb the humidity from the trapped air that increases as the object you are using to re-hydrate releases its moisture. An easy way to keep things separated is to use a Tupperware bowl large enough to hold your bud and a shot glass. Put the shot glass in the middle and add some warm water or a slice of apple or carrot and close it up.

An easier, more convenient way to rehydrate your herb

Boveda packsThere’s nothing wrong with using the method listed above to quickly re-hydrate a small amount of herb (quarter ounce or less), but sometimes the job is just too big or you’re too busy to use stoner engineering to make your dusty stash better. That’s where the Boveda Humidipak comes in. The Boveda is an easy-to-use gell-filled pack that will regulate the humidity inside an airtight container.

Recognizing the potential to help optimize medical marijuana storage, the company engineered a formula that regulates the storage environment to maintain 62% relative humidity at all times. The resulting Boveda packs come in three sizes to accommodate various amounts of cannabis: 4 grams (2″ X 2 in”), 8 grams (2.5″ X 2.75″), and 60 grams (3.5″ X 5.5″).

Long term cannabis storage solution

Boveda is more than a cannabis rehydration solution, it can also be used to help in the curing process, as well as to keep your herb tasty during long-term storage. Although a disposable product, Bovedas can last over a year if left in a sealed environment. In fact, Boveda packs are often used to calibrate the more expensive digital hygrometers.

Here’s a promotional video from Boveda that explains how the Humidipak works.


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