Make your own marijuana infused e-juice for your vape pen

If you live in the south and you watch the local news on television from time to time then you have no doubt, at some point, encountered a news story about the scourge of marijuana concentrates like wax, shatter and BHO that are “just now being found on the street”. These propaganda pieces usually start out with a very serious tone, then flow into an interview with a police commander or sheriff that has no idea what he is talking about, and then closes out with breathless comments of disbelief by the news anchors. If you’ve never seen one of these ridiculous stories then here’s an example.

We know what dabs are, bro

Glass oil extraction tube
It’s not a wiener

Excusing for a moment the ridiculous comments made by public safety officers in the above video (confusing concentrates with synthetic “marijuana”, equating a dab to drinking a big-gulp sized cup of vodka, etc), the truth is that marijuana concentrates have been both made and used for years in the south. Anyone who has been in their local corner smoke shop in the last couple of years has seen the oil extraction tubes on the shelves (it’s the thing that looks like a big glass wiener). Just like most trends that make their way here from the West concentrates are here to stay because many in the south have now been introduced to marijuana concentrates by way of the internet and Priority Mail.

Marijuana: The most versatile medication on the planet

Why is marijuana so versatile? It’s because it can be turned into something that can be used in nearly any situation. Sure it’s fun to sit around and smoke flowers at home, but try medicating with a fatty in a restaurant or on an airplane and see where that gets you. The real value in marijuana, besides the fact that it has been proven to be one of the safest substances on the planet, is that nearly anyone can not only grow it, but remove its core ingredients – its essence – and put it into something else. Want to treat regular migraines or the symptoms of menopause? Infuse some coconut oil and start baking. Want to medicate on your flight to Denver? Turn your wax or shatter into e-juice and put it in a vape pen.

And now you know why marijuana is still illegal. It’s because it’s such a simple, versatile medication that the average person can produce it and use it almost anywhere for thousands of ailments. Far more than just a plant, marijuana is the biggest threat the pharmaceutical-industrial complex has ever faced. It’s David vs. Goliath, and for those that haven’t been in a Baptist church lately, David won.

How to make marijuana infused e-juice

Honey oilThere are several methods for the average person to get a vape pen full of e-juice. You can make it in a Magical Butter Machine with trim or bud, which Old Hippie gives a great tutorial for on Beyond Chronic. You can make it in a crock pot by infusing your marijuana into vegetable glycerin. But the easiest (and fastest) way to make e-juice is to start with a good shatter, wax or other high-quality extract.


  • 1 gram hash oil
  • Bottle of EJMix


  1. In a ceramic bowl flatten one gram of wax, shatter or other hash oil concentrate. Lay a piece of wax paper on top of your gram so it doesn’t stick to the spoon.
  2. Melt your wax. You can either do this by placing your bowl in a pot of warm water for a few minutes, or by popping it into the microwave and using the “defrost” setting, a minute at a time, until it is runny.
  3. Add about 30 drops of EJMix and stir for about a minute. You should be able to tell when the wax and EJMix are completely incorporated.
  4. Allow mixture to cool completely. Once cool it should be the consistency of honey. If the mixture is too thick to pour then warm it again gently and add a few more drops of EJ.

What’s in it?

EJMix is a blend of several different types of food-grade propelyne glycol. More specifically it contains Propylene Glycol and Polyethylene Glycol, which are the same ingredients used to make e-juice commercially. It’s also completely stable once mixed, meaning it won’t separate, and works as well with crystal-clear shatter as it does with crumbly waxes. If you have access to some hash oil EJMix makes turning it into a an e-juice for your pen vaporizer a no brainer.

What are your tips?

As my dad used to say there’s more than one way to skin a cat, and no doubt there are a million-and-one ways to enjoy marijuana without smoking it. We’d love to hear your tips so be sure to leave a comment below.

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  1. GreenVaper

    Good article. You should look at PUFF MAJIC Vapor Company. They specialize in liquids specifically for this purpose. Similar to the EJ Mix in function but a much better juice.

      1. Christian

        No its not… There are 100 percent VG E liquids which have been out on the market for a while now.

        1. Fred Abbott

          Yes. 100% vg is used sometimes, but I think adding something as thick as shatter or wax would be too thick. I make my own e- liguid and have found for me personally a 70/30 mix is the best for my mod. Just my opinion.

      2. Crosswalk

        Use a higher pg ratio. You can buy premade tasty liquids with the proper content and warm up your concentrate in it, double boil style.

    1. Brandon

      Yes you can but be careful. Any vape atomizer above 1.0 ohms does not do very well with thicker juice. A 50/50 blend is what I shoot for and it tends to work well (depending on the atomizer you use).

  2. jamie

    Can you not just sprinkle the crystals from your grinder into the tank? Or would that clog the wick? You change the wick every few weeks anyways though I suppose? (Anyone tried this?)

    1. The e-juice cartomizers need a liquid that can usually be absorbed into a wick, then vaporized where the wick runs through the coils. You could vaporize your kief in a dry herb vaporizer, but not an e-cigarette.

    1. jonesy

      you can use pyrex. just put it in a mason jar sealed and give a hot water bath for about 3 1/2 hrs swirling the mixture around every 20 minutes. make sure you decarb your material!!!

  3. Rich

    Can I just use my favorite juice that I buy from the store or do I need to make my own?

  4. 420 nutter

    What about decarboxilating the shatter/concentrate first? as ecigs do not heat the mix enough to turn thc-a to thc…

    1. nathan russell

      Decarbing is the process of bringing the THC-A up to a certain temp to activate the THC, thereby dropping off the A. With flower, this is necessary, as this usually happens when a lighter ignites it. Whereas using concentrates, this has already happened in the process to create the concentrate.

      1. phil

        Making hash or shatter does not involve any heat at all in fact hash is commonly extracted using ice or dry ice. Shatter is extracted using butane or alcohol I would guess this recipe does not produce a good smoke unless the the ecig juice mixture is heated up to produce carboxilation first.

          1. matty

            apparently rosin is only partially decarbed. It is not heated for long enough to fully convert the THC.

  5. Reeb0k

    Didn’t work for me, I used cloud 9 hemp oil and my lemon drop wax, it wouldn’t blend at all and when I put it in my pen, the wax globbed up and stuck to the walls. So unfortunately, I wasted a good bit of wax trying this 🙁

  6. Jones

    Can you use fractionated coconut oil. I hear this is what dream steam vape pens use

  7. BusrRoot

    Check out *SPAM* if you are into CBD vape liquid.

    *Modnote- You are welcome to pay for advertising, otherwise the URL you left is spam.

    1. That’s not true dude. I vape on it, and I feel a head change and body high. But I have a smok 220tc with a TF-RTA q4 quad coil self built.

  8. riss

    Once mixed as above, if it’s still separated, i found that putting your juice in a glass bottle (if you get a good quality juice like teardrips it comes in a glass bottle with a nice pipette – i like cinnapps, but other quality juices are available) and leave in a bath of boiling hot water. Shake every 15 mins or so until buttery smooth.

  9. Matt

    I always just dab on my coils in my RDA. Top it off with some juice and it’s good to go. Not very low key but it works well for home use.

    1. eddy

      We used to have it in New Hampshire, like 12 bucks a liter? It was great for cleaning pipe parts. Less for jello shots.

  10. I’ve had terrible results with ejmix, I’ve tried everything until I found The Potion, it’s made from cannabis terpenes and mixes perfectly with shatter, check it out

    1. Steven Schwartz

      You only get 1 ml (gram) per bottle? How much of the terpenes do you need to add per 1 ml vape cartridge?

  11. Hi there !

    I highly (he he) recommend the rosin technique to extract concentrate from raw material. Apart from raw material, all you need is a 2 inch wide (important) hair straightener, a small trigger clamp and some squares of baking parchment paper.

    Google : Remington S7231 Wet to Straight Straightener
    Google : DeWalt small trigger clamp

    You get shatter in minutes without solvents. Google “rosin technique ” and you will find a lot of info and videos about it.

    Whatever the brand of juice, use Polyethylene Glycol 400. Regular food grade PG will clog your coils.

    1. Forgot to mention it’s important to remove any small pieces of raw material to keep the shatter clean. Otherwise your coils will be damaged.

  12. Jules

    I made a vape from dry product I carbonated…in PG/vg…but it just tastes good…interesting doesn’t get me buzzed…why?

  13. Zaki

    I made a booboo. I mixed my cannabis oil with vegetable glycerine. It mixed well when the liquid was hot but when it cooled, both oils almost separated and cannabis formed a gui sticky layer. Now i am trying to figure out how to make it vape ready and not waste my $70 cannabis oil. Help please


      Most pens like the 50/50 (VG/PG) Consider your oil as a kind of VG and you added some more… Make it hot again en add some PG. If you add the same amount as your previous mix in total it will blend, but of course you’ll get only half the buzz. Maybe try 70/30 and 60/40 first?

  14. Sebbsss

    if I allready have nicotin free e-juice is it possible to make a hash oil and mix toghter with allready done e-juice?

  15. andrew

    Poly-Ethylene glycol is antifreeze and is what kills cats outright!
    And this post says use this?
    I was under the impression it was just VG (vegetable glycerin) & PG (propelene glycol).
    Which are both safe in the body.
    Or is it ok in small amounts, like ferrousCyanide used as an anti caking agent in table salt???

  16. Vape juice official store

    The electronic cigarette got introduced as a new less harmful way of offering smoking sensation to people. The gadget works by heating the vape liquidinstalled, which produces a thick whitish vapor that mimics the smoking effect. The liquid is a combination of vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, water, nicotine and desired flavor. The vaping process associated with it is much less harmful that cigarette smoking. Lots of people are nowadays using these gadgets to enjoy the smoking sensation with a less harmful effect.

  17. Tom

    Never use wax paper with concentrates, always parchment.. and please don’t ever put your wax in a microwave.. like ever

  18. William Pickering

    Should use a diff coil for concentrate eliquid than my nicotine Eliquid coil. So it don’t screw the taste up?

  19. Charles Sanders

    I am trying to make cannabis oil using everclear alcohol and the magical butter machine for vaping I need help please.

    1. L

      Once u extract in the mbm, strain well. Put tincture, that’s what u have atm 🙂 on shallow pan that can b scraped later. Either air evaporate for a few days in well ventilated room (recommend!), or electric only oven on super low 175-180° well ventilated stirring occasionally. U should end up with a dark gunky residue. Scrape it all up and use it for making ur vape juice. Good luck mate!

  20. Melissa Mowry

    I tried this out myself. It works, but it needs to have a lot of dabs in it otherwise you are not going to be stoned. Also, ensure that your vape pen has adjustable watts as the higher you burn this concoction the more THC you will get out of it. I simply use CBD oil instead of the above mentioned brand. I add a little bit of blueberry and BAM! Incognito Blueberry ejuice.

  21. Yungshabba

    I’ve dropped oil onto my coil and it worked pretty well. Burns the cotton quicker though because it is so thick

  22. KK

    If you already have a concentrated CBD oil, is PG better to mix with or VG is better to mix with?

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