New Poll Shows Surge in Support for Medical Marijuana in North Carolina

medical marijuana laws in North Carolina

A recent poll commissioned by the cannabis reform organization NORML of North Carolina shows a steady increase in support for legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes in that state. Public Policy Polling, headquartered in Raleigh, administered the survey at the end of January and found that 69% of North Carolinians now support medical marijuana, an increase of 12% from just two years ago.

A Bipartisan Issue

Pollsters found medical marijuana to be an issue that affects both ends of the political spectrum, with 77% of those who identified as Democrats and 58% of Republicans saying they believe a doctor should be able to recommend medical marijuana to patients.

According to NC NORML, The survey was conducted the weekend before House Bill 87 – Enact Medical Cannabis Act was introduced by Representative Kelly Alexander. There are currently nine co-sponsors of the bill. It would protect people with severe diseases and specific medical conditions. The new law would create a regulated growing and distribution system of medical cannabis and associated products. This system is designed to be both safe and reliable.

Edit: We originally listed the date for the below rally as Tuesday, February 17. However, due to severe weather conditions the rally has been rescheduled for Thursday, March 19.

Show your support for marijuana prohibition reform

On Thursday March 19 NORML of North Carolina, the North Carolina Cannabis Patients Network and activists from all parts of North Carolina and the South will be attending the annual Rally in Raleigh. Those concerned about medical marijuana in North Carolina are urged to attend and show support.

Speakers for this important event include:

  • Representative Kelly Alexander, who sponsored each of North Carolina’s medical marijuana bills.
  • Dr. Kevin Baiko, who is  Board Certified in Cannabinoid Medicine and has current practices in Hawaii and Oregon.
  • Lee Porter, Nurse Practitioner, who will present on the endocannabinoid system.

Also on hand will be Faculty Members of Patients Out of Time to answer questions. POT has presented all of the seminars for doctors and other health care professionals over the past decades. These seminars provide AMA-certified recurrent training required for different professions.

To learn more about Tuesday’s rally in Raleigh click here.

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