Members of the Southern Cannabusiness Association enjoy a number of benefits that help them promote and grow their legal cannabis businesses.


As a brand new industry in the South, SouthCANN members enjoy the distinction of being pioneers in forging the path many will soon follow. Through Summer, 2014, all new SouthCANN members will be given Charter Member status. The cost of this one-time opportunity is $250 per year, which will become our Regular Member fee once this promotion ends. After that time the annual cost of a Charter Membership will be $1,000.

Member Discounts

Cannabusiness owners who join SouthCANN are encouraged to offer discounts to fellow members. Members who do offer discounts or promotional opportunities to other members are featured in their business listing category. In addition, as SouthCANN grows we will use our group influence to procure discounts and special relationships for our members beyond the local organization.

Business Promotion

All members of the Southern Cannabusiness Association receive a listing in our business directory. Members who provide discounts or promotional opportunities to fellow members receive featured listings in the business directory. In addition, Charter Members receive random linking throughout the SouthCANN website as well as promotion in our email newsletter and print media.

 Networking Opportunities

Business works better when owners network with other business owners within the industry. SouthCANN will provide networking opportunities in the form of regular educational and informational seminars that will address issues unique to the legal cannabis industry. These events will occur at least quarterly in various locations throughout the south beginning in early 2015.


SouthCANN provides members with cannabis legalization news, information about doing business in their state and legal updates. Monitoring SouthCANN News will be crucial for southern cannabusiness owners as various forms of legalization come online in the region.

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