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Medical Marijuana Consultants

The medical marijuana adventure is just beginning in the South and already scammers and professional false-dream builders are in full swing. This is especially so in Florida, where “Green Rush” scams are abundant and hopeful entrepreneurs are handing over their cash to roving cannabis training academies that promise quick returns and fat riches. Even worse are the numerous organizations proposing to help you break the law by taking advantage of “little known loopholes” in Florida law. Don’t believe it because you are being lied to.

Opening a medical marijuana dispensary in Florida

With the recent passage of Florida’s Amendment 2 budding entrepreneurs are preparing to stake their claim in what is predicted to become the second largest medical marijuana market in America. Whether you are interested in commercial cannabis cultivation, opening a retail medical marijuana store or doing business with the cannabis industry from an ancillary position, we can help you locate a professional cannabis consultant that operates professionally, ethically and discretely.

It pays to prepare

Rather than paying to attend a seminar that is trying to sell you and the other 300 people in attendance everything from real estate to consulting services, be smart and contract directly with a reputable, knowledgeable consultant who has spent years working their way through the legal cannabis industry. Believe me  when I say you are going to have many, MANY questions as you move forward in your endeavor, and the shiny spiral-bound book you got from the seminar probably won’t have the answers.

Medical Marijuana Consultants in the South

We gladly provide referrals at no cost to reputable medical marijuana consultants that are committed to long-term customer success. If you are a cannabis consultant and would like to list your website here please send us your contact information, along with a good telephone number, and we will contact you shortly.


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