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Meet the Cop Getting Paid to Lie to Voters and Politicians About Pot

There are 100,000 total marijuana smokers in the US, and most are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their Satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage. This marijuana causes white women to seek sexual relations with Negroes, entertainers and any others. -Harry Anslinger, first Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]T[/su_dropcap]he story is the same all over the country. Article after article and news segment after news segment devote large chunks of their column space and air time to the helpful police officer who came all the way from Colorado just in time to warn them all about the dangers of taking even the tiniest step toward that “slippery slope” of marijuana legalization. The side effects of legalizing marijuana are unbearable, Sgt. Jim Gerhardt tells packed crowds All. Over. The. Country. “It’s been a disaster for us in Colorado”, Gerhardt always tells his audience, and taking any step towards even the most restrictive medical marijuana program will start YOUR state down the path of no return.

“More drunk drivers on the streets from causing serious accidents, more children getting in danger because their caretakers were too busy getting high,” says Gerhardt. “What we’ve literally found in Colorado is 98% of the people that are on our registry are on there because they claimed to have some level of pain. A lot of times these are 20 year old kids that are saying it’s because they snowboard and they’ve got knee injuries and things like that so snowboarding suddenly becomes a gateway into getting on the medical marijuana registry.”


Who is Jim Gerhardt?

Jim Gerhardt is a sergeant employed by the Thornton, Colorado Police Department who is assigned as a supervisor to the North Metro Drug Task force. Sgt. Gerhardt, who has been a dedicated prohibitionist for nearly 30 years, has spent a considerable amount of his “off time” over the last several years traveling the country warning audiences of the horrific dangers of legalizing marijuana. Sgt. Gerhardt, who is also the vice president of the Colorado Drug Investigators Association, has appeared in news segments and print articles in states all across the country over the last few years. He and the rest of his band of merry revenuers have also made several appearances on a National Geographic tv show in which the plot appears to be that he must convince the viewer that marijuana legalization has made his job harder.

The problem with nearly every single argument that Gerhardt presents to whatever group he manages to get in front of is that his “facts” are, for the most part, either twisted, stretched or just made up on the spot. The so-called “facts” that Gerhardt use to justify his monumental travel budget are usually standard prohibitionist rhetoric, but Gerhardt often goes a step further by padding his gigantic whoppers with numbers that he must think people are either too stupid or apathetic to research. My guess is that he counts on the fact that they are.

Lies Jim Gerhardt and the Colorado Drug Investigators Association Tell People

[su_service title=”DUI Arrests in Colorado” icon=”icon: warning”]CLAIM: “In 2014, the Colorado State Patrol reported 874 driving under the influence of drugs arrests, with 77 percent of those arrests — 674 — involving marijuana” Source

TRUTH: The Colorado State Patrol issued 5,546 TOTAL citations for DUI of any substance in 2014. Gerhardt’s use of only DUI drugs statistics is a sleight of hand trick meant to make you think that 77% of the people arrested for DUI in Colorado in 2014 were under the influence of marijuana. In actuality those 674 marijuana-related DUI arrests accounted for only 12% of the overall DUI arrest rate for the State Patrol. Source[/su_service]

[su_service title=”Legalizing medical marijuana will cause people to commit suicide and/or murder” icon=”icon: warning”]CLAIM: “Less than a month ago, two 19 year olds sparked an investigation into possible marijuana psychosis, a negative reaction to regular marijuana that can sometimes turn deadly. One of them went into his home and stabbed himself 17 times one of the stab wounds went through his heart and killed him,” Sgt. Gerhardt said as he told the story of a murder that never happened. Source

TRUTH: This never happened. Source[/su_service]

[su_service title=”We don’t know anything about marijuana” icon=”icon: warning”]CLAIM: “We’re playing around here with something we know very little about.” Source

TRUTH: Not only has cannabis been used as a medicine for thousands of years, in the last 20 years alone we have seen thousands of studies conducted that all point to the efficacy of cannabis in medicine. Source [/su_service]

[su_service title=”Think of the children!” icon=”icon: warning”]CLAIM: “Sgt. Gerhardt worries that legalizing and strictly regulating marijuna as a medine will somehow increase access by children and teenagers. Source

TRUTH: An exhaustive study recently published in The Lancet Psychiatry showed no significant difference in adolescent marijuana use in 21 states with medical marijuana laws. Source [/su_service]

How things are REALLY going in Colorado

New Schools, Less Crime: Colorado Sees Benefits Of Marijuana Legalization
Marijuana sales in Colorado continue to climb while crime statistics suggest the state is becoming safer than ever.

Marijuana Arrests In Colorado Down 95% Since Legalization
But arrest rates are still twice as high for blacks.

Colorado Voters To Decide Who Gets Huge Overflow Of Marijuana Tax Revenue
The state has $66.1 million in excess tax revenue from recreational pot sales and the voters get to decide how it’s spent.

Since marijuana legalization, highway fatalities in Colorado are at near-historic lows
Since Colorado voters legalized pot in 2012, prohibition supporters have warned that recreational marijuana will lead to a scourge of “drugged drivers” on the state’s roads. They were wrong.

Legalized marijuana is bringing record high benefits to Colorado schools
The Colorado school system saw more money raised in the first five months of weed being legalized than it saw in all of 2014, KOAA reports. This is all thanks to the marijuana tax for schools in Colorado.

Colorado Residents on Probation Can Possess Medical Marijuana
“The possession or use of medical marijuana… shall not be considered another offense such that its use constitutes a violation of the terms of probation… [T]his act is necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health and safety.”

Epileptic girl who moved to Colorado for medical marijuana has dramatically improved, parents say
A 3-year-old girl who has epileptic seizures has made a dramatic improvement since moving to Colorado to be treated with medical marijuana, her parents say.

Marijuana Refugees: Looking for a New Homes in Pot-Legal States
They are known as “marijuana refugees” — people who have relocated or are planning to move because pot is now legal in some states.

More about Sgt. Jim Gerhardt

We’re just getting started

If all of this isn’t enough to make you question the SPONSORED message that Jim Gerhardt and the Colorado Drug Investigators Association are trying to sell to you then stick around for part two of our look-see, where we delve into the finances of the CDIA (a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization), and find out where HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in donations to this organization have ended up.


  1. Linda Colindres

    Marijuana should not be a scheduled drug at all. The DEA and the US Government should listen to the majority of the people who are for legalization and de-scheduling of this plant. Vote for Medical Marijuana in the states that have it on the Nov. ballot.

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