Medical Marijuana Bill Filed in Lousiana

Louisiana medical marijuana

Louisiana State Representative Dalton Honore’ (D- East Baton Rouge) this week pre-filed a bill that would allow the use and distribution of marijuana for specific therapeutic purposes. Allowed treatments under the bill would include seizure disorders, glaucoma, cancer and the side effects from cancer treatment.

Under the proposed law, only a doctor who “is a certified neurologist, oncologist, or ophthalmologist with whom the patient has a bona fide physician-patient relationship and who is the physician responsible for the ongoing treatment of a patient’s qualifying medical condition” would be allowed to prescribe marijuana

The law puts in place rules for distribution and procurement for patients and does not require that health insurance pay for it. Last year an identical bill failed to make it out of committee due, in large part, to strong opposition from law enforcement groups.

Louisiana’s legislative session begins on April 13.

Download the full text of HB6 here



  1. Keeven

    About time still a long way to go down here imagine how much more new Orleans would make

  2. Vote NO to Medical Only marijuana use. It is a scheme to keep prices high and quality is the same as we have now, the price has gone down due to importation, however ideally it should be cut by another 60% and the quality should be sustainable. There are corrupt actors handling qualifying clinics and under this bill they would be rewarded. This is not what New Orleans’ needs, the old school crony style politics is crumbling and this measure would allow them to orchestrate a new kickback system, whilst continuing to maintain their current civil forfeiture and asset seizures on people who do not want to register to be exploited and discriminated against for doing so.

    Legalize recreational use of marijuana and more explicitly, marijuana by-products. Waxes, oils, butter, balms, lotions, tinctures, vaporizer liquid, at any and all concentration levels and leave it to the users to decide for themselves what feeling is appropriate.

    Give me libery, give me freedom, and hang every political profiteer looking to exploit the government’s lack of scrutiny and people’s general trust for personal gain.

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