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LSU extends deadline for medical marijuana grower applications

Marijuana cultivators that are hoping for a piece of the medical marijuana pie in Louisiana have been given an application deadline extension by LSU officials, the Advocate of Baton Rouge reported this week.

Though no reason was given for the extension, marijuana businesses that are interested in running the university’s medical marijuana cultivation program will now have until March 31 to submit their application. The original deadline was March 21.

Last year the state of Louisiana granted both LSU and Southern University, which is also located in Baton Rouge, exclusive licenses to cultivate cannabis for the state’s medical marijuana program.

Estimates from the LSU Ag Center put the projected cost of constructing and running greenhouses, a testing lab and oil production facility at $11.3 million,  and the winning bidder will be responsible for fully funding the project. The Southern University Ag Center estimates businesses will need an initial investment of between $5 million and $7 million, and LSU estimates the program will take five years to achieve profitability.

Due to the limited medical conditions necessary to qualify for medical marijuana in Louisiana and the fact that only cannabis oil in liquid, pill, capsule or topical forms will be allowed, LSU estimates that only .25% of people who suffer from an approved condition (1,441 patients) will initially seek certification for medical marijuana.


  1. How many more children Must Die how many more parents will be locked up in prison for using God’s glorious medicine cannabis to ease the pain of a filthy government that is as strong as with their own Pharmaceuticals

      1. Vicki Bassa

        I personally see no difference in using weed or getting drunk on alcohol. It’s rediclous to make booze ok but not marijuana. The Government found out that prohibition didn’t work. But they will make it impossible for medical or even recreational use of cannabis. They use everything themselves from weed to cocaine and anything else in between. You would think that Texas, which is where I live, being such a laid back state would jump on the band wagon to get this done.

  2. Lok

    10 to 20 years from now, people will marvel over how ignorant or corrupt people were in the 20th century, and how we as a culture, sacrificed our elders to the medical facilities where they proceeded to bilk them out of their remaining savings as they died. They did so knowing the possible benefits of marijuana extracts, elixirs or what have you, while knowing that current conventional medical services are a death sentence at a minimum and blatant robbery or knowingly fraudulent otherwise. The medical profession got richer and they only had to betray their Hypocratic Oath but the benefits of doing so were just too great to ignore.

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