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Legalizing cannabis in the south would mean an immediate supply of new, steady jobs for intelligent, hard working people. In a 2011 AlterNet article they identified 14 different types of jobs that would be sustained by legalizing marijuana. They include:

  1. Physicians: States legalizing cannabis for medical reasons will need doctors to recommend it to patients.
  2. Physician’s Assistants: Needed to help busy doctors.
  3. Growers: Someone will have to grow the cannabis. In the south this will be a combination of “ganjapreneurs” and farmers looking for a new cash crop.
  4. Budtenders: The people responsible for selling the medicine, budtenders are highly trained professionals that help people discover the right cannabis strain for their ailment(s).
  5. Dispensary Owners/Operators: Business people who open retail cannabis dispensaries.
  6. Security Guards: Given the current status of banking services available to dispensary operators, security is needed due to large amounts of cash that must be kept at dispensaries.
  7. Dispensary Administrators: Larger dispensaries will need staff to manage payroll and benefits, tax payments and personnel services.
  8. Solar Panel Installers: The “greener” the legal cannabis industry becomes the higher the demand for renewable forms of energy.
  9. Delivery Drivers: For southern states that will allow cannabis deliver, delivery drivers will be needed to deliver medication to people who are unable to go to the dispensary.
  10. Lab Technicians: Quality Testing labs are essential to make sure dispensaries are selling cannabis that is free from pesticides and pests, as well as to verify the levels of various cannabinoids like THC and CBD.
  11. Marketing Specialists: Cannabusinesses will need to be able to advertise, have websites and operate social media campaigns.
  12. Lawyers: States that legalize cannabis for either recreational or medical use have stringent rules and regulations and attorneys are often needed to navigate the sometimes-difficult legal terrain of the cannabis industry.
  13. Insurance Agents: Cannabis-related insurance agencies have been springing up across the country. They typically offer coverage for growers, dispensaries, delivery drivers and edible manufacturers.
  14. Government Jobs: With new laws comes the responsibility of state governments to hire people to oversee legal cannabis operations.

And this list is really just a start. In addition to these jobs we will see the need for equipment manufacturers, builders, bakers (to make edibles) and many other ancillary services to support a multi-billion dollar industry.

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  1. justin c manuel

    really would love to work in the cannabis field have alot of contacts and would be a great delivery driver

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