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Rubio doesn’t believe there are any legitimate uses for marijuana

[su_dropcap style=”flat”]P[/su_dropcap]residential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R- FL) came out strongly against the legalization of recreational marijuana at a campaign rally in South Carolina Thursday, and expressed skepticism about the medical usefulness of the plant when asked what he would do about drug use in the United States.

“And I say, well, because this country already pays a terrible price for the abuse of alcohol,” Mr. Rubio said at a campaign event in South Carolina. “We’re not going to outlaw alcohol. We’re not going to ban it. It’s part of our culture. It’s ingrained in our society — that’s not a realistic proposal.

“But no one can tell me that alcohol’s had a positive impact on society,” he said. “It destroys marriages and lives, it kills people … and now you want to add another intoxicant and make it legal?”

What about medical marijuana?

“There’s no positive impact to using marijuana,” Rubio said. “Now, if there’s a medicinal use — if you can go to the FDA and prove that it helps with medicine, that’s fine. Then turn it into medicine.”

Not exactly high praise of a substance that is backed up with mountains of scientific research and miles of anecdotal evidence that all point to the medicinal value of marijuana for a wide variety of ailments and diseases. But then again, science has never been one of Rubio’s strongest talking points.


  1. And I have no use for the restrictions on civil liberties in this so called “land of the free”.

    See: Declaration of Rights of Cannabis Users

  2. jonas

    Just another reason not to vote for him. You can tell who the big companies are backing. The ones who say they’re against legalizing cannabis. SMH!!! Mr. Rubio you just put the last nail in the coffin that you call a campaign.

  3. This proves this clown is not capable of running the country…as he has no clue!!!
    Either he is backed by pharma, or he is just plain ignorant and lacks any common sense!!!

  4. This is supposed to be one of their “establishment” candidates? These regressive Republicans can’t find their center, or their butts, with both hands these days. Just one more deity ditto-head, blinded by First Century superstitions that has no relevance to 21st Century America.

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