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This promotion has ended. Thank you to everyone that participated.

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  1. Ivana Staworking

    Boo to facebook!! Some of us are not able to have facebook accounts that mention ANYTHING with marijuana due to jobs, etc. Why would you want to endanger our livelihood this way? I personally know a few people who were fired due to facebook posts that had NOTHING to do with their job. (ie, “I worked really hard, hope I get a good review!” and a “like” to someone’s post on medical marijuana, and another person because one of their “friends” was politically active.. Facebook is too risky!

    So thanks, because I cannot risk having a FB account, I can’t participate in anything. Sounds like you drank the FB Kool-Aid.

    1. Hi Ivana I’m sorry you are in the cannabis closet, it must be really hard for you, but we ran this promotion specifically to grow our Facebook audience and mailing list. There are thousands of cannabis-related Facebook pages and millions of users that discuss cannabis on Facebook. But I really don’t understand why you are upset with us when it is you that is still hiding your cannabis use.

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