McIntosh Georgia sheriff

Georgia Sheriff Places Newspaper Ad Looking for Snitches

Located along the Georgia coast about halfway between Savannah and Jacksonville is McIntosh County, population 12,000. Deputies in this small county make around 600 drug-related arrests per year. At a drug arrest rate of 50 people per 1,000 citizens, McIntosh County law enforcement certainly would seem to have enough to do to keep their tiny department busy.

Despite the fact that McIntosh County Sheriff’s Office has their hands full shaking down motorists traveling through on I-95 for whatever cash and property they are able to seize as they pass through their fair county, that’s not enough for Sheriff Stephen Jessup, who this week placed an ad in the local newspaper encouraging drug dealers to snitch on their competition.

The ad, which was published in this week’s issue of The Darien News, offers a free service to drug dealers who are frustrated with their competitors.

turn in drug dealers
Snitches get stitches help growing their organization (snarky comment ours)

A deputy told local media sources they have received a “few” reports on drug activity in the area as a result of the ad.


  1. In the 1950s “The Reader’s Digest” used to print articles about the abuses in the Commie world and one of Joe Stalin’s biggest offenses seemed to be he demanded that all rule breakers be reported to the State. Today I’d say that the LEOs are encouraging ethical and moral lapses by asking somebody to follow their self-serving interests. So if any of these “Drug Dealers” are under age does that constitute ‘corruption of the morals of a minor’? Anyway to say the least it’s a lowlife move.
    By the way, Cannabis never should have been made illegal so let us grow our own and leave us alone.

    and it harm none, do what you will

  2. Johnny Johnson

    I have about 20 phone numbers of legal Drug Dealers in the area. They each recommend dangerous prescription pharmaceuticals to people for outrageous prices and have very little, if any, competition. Unethical and immoral, these drug dealers are destroying our community. They are called medical doctors. So thank you Sheriff Jessup, I will be using that contact form often! Good police work sir and keep up the hard work!

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