georgia marijuana arrest

Dangerous 72 Year-Old Georgia Man Arrested for Growing Marijuana

georgia marijuana arrest

Deputies in Crawford County, Georgia, earned their pay this week by locking away a dangerous 72 year-old elderly man for the terrible crime of growing 22 medicine plants, also commonly known as “marijuana”. The bust took place last Saturday at about 8:00 PM in the middle Georgia town of Fort Valley.

According to the Macon Telegraph, Edward Leandro Salinas was being held in the Crawford County Jail after Magistrate Judge Richard Spencer denied him bond on Monday, and rightfully so considering the damage he could have done to our children with all of the marijuanas he had growing in his home. As you can see from the photo below Salinas was a skilled cannabis farmer, producing only the highest quality reefer in his state-of-the-art cannabis production facility. Don’t let the ragamuffin buckets and tree planters he was growing in fool you — Salinas was a hardened criminal with only one thing on his mind: marijuana and more marijuana. And possibly treating COPD or liver cancer or Alzheimer’s but that’s not what’s important.

marijuana plants
Police estimated that Mr. Salinas’ empire was worth approximately $3.5 million $3,500. Notice how he uses expensive PVC pipe to provide support for the monster on the left.

In addition to a huge number of cannabis plants police also confiscated a grinder, which is a device that marijuana addicts often use to grind their marijuanas before injecting, snorting or smoking it, and a few grams of dried marijuana. Police also took into evidence a book titled Indoor Marijuana Horticulture, which is a book that marijuana pushers read to learn how to grow weed so potent it can make you lose your mind. He also had a gun, which he probably used to frequently “pop caps” into marijuana addict’s asses.

Salinas was charged with 22 counts of cultivating marijuana, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, possession of drug related objects and possession of marijuana of less than one ounce.


  1. Cannabis is the most nutritious food on the planet…all people & animals need the cannabinoids for the endocannabinoid system. Bees, birds, farm animals all eat marijuana/cannabis/hemp …zero deaths from marijuana…becuase it’s food/nutrition….Asshats arrests people for growing food…they also can use for a salve or teas to help them sleep, etc. Your tax dollars are not protecting anti-marijuana people or anyone…the laws are only protecting big money industries that never wanted marijuana legal for over 50,000 reasons…because cannabis/marijuana/hemp has over 50,000 green sustainable uses….

  2. There is no logic in this arrest. No bail? Was “a device that marijuana addicts often use to grind their marijuanas(sic) before injecting” actually a quote? Doesn’t any official in that jurisdiction have any sense? I thought it was bad here in Floriduh. Not much indignation shown so far but this kind of stupidity helps the legalization cause. It seems when there is little reason to see any threat or large scale operation that conviction rates go down to around 50%. It never hurts to say ‘jury nullification’ a few times. Of course a smart prosecutor will not want this one to go to trial if he wants to keep his conviction rate up. Did I mention ‘jury nullification’?

    1. The piece was written tongue-in-cheek. Misspellings such as “marijuanas” and comments like “injecting/snorting” are all made satirically in nature for the purposes of condemnation of the ignorance of cannabis prohibition.

  3. Duane Olson

    I am sitting in the airport waiting for my flight, reading this horse$hit. Laughing my a$$ off. But sadly this man is being punished for the same thing that I do myself.
    Am I next?

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