Florida CBD “Dispensaries” Could Open by Early 2016

After months of legal wrangling, it finally looks like Florida is setting a clear timetable for the rollout of its CBD program.

The state Health Department is scheduled to accept applications from June 17 to July 8 for five business licenses to produce and sell CBD-based products. Officials will notify winners by Aug. 8.

Companies that receive permits will then have to build out their facilities and grow, process and produce non-smokeable, high-CBD products, which means they likely won’t be able to open dispensaries until early 2016.

One hopeful entrepreneur estimated that it would take him until March or April of next year before he’d have CBD ready to deliver to patients, according to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

The paper also reported that there may be difficulties for would-be patients in becoming certified under state law, since only about 30 doctors have thus far taken the online course required to recommend CBD medicine.

The Florida Legislature last year passed the law last year in what was widely regarded as a political attempt to head off medical marijuana at the ballot box. But Orlando attorney John Morgan and his group United for Care have pledged to run another initiative next year, and are already well on their way.

For a list of Florida doctors that have taken the state-required training in order to have the ability to recommend CBD oil (as of 6/3/2015) click here. For more information on Florida’s medical marijuana oil program see the website for the Office of Compassionate Use.


    1. Found it! I’ll paste below, but here’s a direct link to the PDF document on the state’s website. http://www.floridahealth.gov/programs-and-services/office-of-compassionate-use/_documents/completed-cme.pdf

      List of Physicians Who Have Completed the Low‐THC Cannabis Continuing Medical Education
      First Name Last Name License Number Date Completed
      ROLANDO ANIA ME105596 20‐Nov‐14
      TEREL NEWTON ME109638 7‐Jan‐15
      NGOC MINH LE ME110240 29‐Nov‐14
      RYAN LAKIN ME122641 6‐Mar‐15
      LEROY SMITH ME14162 28‐Jan‐15
      RONALD AUNG‐DIN ME35292 27‐Jan‐15
      GISELA GARCIA‐LEYVA ME36410 29‐Nov‐14
      JEFFREY BLOCK ME42619 8‐Jan‐15
      ROOSEVELT JACKSON ME45529 7‐Nov‐14
      JOHN GIRARD ME49001 5‐Jan‐15
      SELIM BENBADIS ME61493 11‐Jan‐15
      JAMES RENFROE ME66614 21‐Feb‐15
      ANTHONY HALL ME67040 23‐Nov‐14
      PURUSHOTTAM GARG ME68880 20‐Jan‐15
      STEPHEN ADLER ME71035 11‐Mar‐15
      RONALD DAVIS ME81662 16‐Mar‐15
      TIE QIAN ME83875 17‐Dec‐14
      MICHAEL MCKENZIE ME87219 6‐Jan‐15
      HARRY STEIN ME91788 20‐Dec‐14
      DAN TUDOR ME94020 26‐Feb‐15
      JASON SCHULTZ ME96405 22‐Jan‐15
      CHRISTOPHER QUEEN OS10481 21‐Mar‐15
      DENISE TAYLOR OS10596 30‐Nov‐14
      MARTIN DAYTON OS2971 29‐Nov‐14
      SANDRA SCHWEMMER OS4022 4‐Mar‐15
      DON POSTER OS4268 11‐Nov‐14
      GEORGE KAMAJIAN OS8081 16‐Mar‐15
      TEREL NEWTON ME109638 7‐Jan‐15
      JOHN GIRARD ME49001 5‐Jan‐15
      MICHAEL MCKENZIE ME87219 6‐Jan‐15
      HARRY STEIN ME91788 20‐Dec‐14
      SANDRA SCHWEMMER OS4022 4‐Mar‐15
      GEORGE KAMAJIAN OS8081 16‐Mar‐15

  1. Carida

    I’m sorry if I’m asking a stupid question, but isn’t cbd oil legal in all 50 states? Why does Florida need dispensaries? I just began researching the cbd oil for help with fibromyalgia pain, so I really appreciate clarification 🙂

    1. Jan

      I just read it is legal in Tennessee only for seizures and cannot be bought or produced in Tennessee only other states with dispenceries. This leads to another problem. It is illegal to buy and have transported across state lines. I have RA and am very interested! Legally of course!

    2. CBD is a gray area that a lot of people have been waiting for the government to make up their mind about, but the general response from the federal government has been that CBD is not a prosecution priority for them. So because it’s something law enforcement isn’t generally concerned about a lot of companies are now selling CBD products from various sources. Some of it is good, some of it is sketchy. The problem in Florida (and the other states) is that cultivation and production of the oil is completely illegal. Once Florida has a regulatory system in place then certain companies will be allowed to grow it, turn it into oil and sell it.

      1. I just saw a doctor in Jacksonville, Florida that ordered CBD oil for me…from Colorado…I had to pay an office fee and then several hundreds of dollars for the oil. I havnt received it yet, but I’ll have documentation stating its legal under this doctor’s care. His name is not on the registry–does this mean he should be? I then saw CBD oil for sale in a smoke shop for $37 a vile by Pineapple Express…is it the same or different? Confused…

    3. LuTina

      I thought the same thing. I too have fibro and have heard it works great. But all comments have come from those who bought CBD oil in dispensaries. Not sure if I can trust a mail order

    4. It’s legal in 25 states now, but the conditions are only seizures, cancer and spasms. Those are the only conditions they give the oil right now. :/ As far as I’ve read.

    5. CBD oil is legal in 25 states. Each state will have their own dispensaries, due to shipping out of state is against the law. Also fibromyalgia isn’t approved for cbd oil yet. Only cancer, seizures and severe spasms. :/

  2. Dani

    Hey guys! My Mom was just diagnosed with a VERY aggressive liver cancer and it have spread to her lymph nodes as well. I thought I read somewhere that CBD oil was available legally in FL with a doctors note. Now I read this and says their is no dispensaries yet but another map has 5 of them listed one in Jacksonville, 2 in Tampa, one in clearwater and I forget the 5th…I am so confused but we are running out of time WHAT DO I DO?

      1. Dani

        Thanks so much…its so unfair that offing politics get to play God with everyone’s lives.

  3. Jen

    Family member with last resort cancer stage ..any help in south florida for doctors.

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