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Trump’s Attorney General pick is a walking 70’s anti-pot commercial

As of today 29 states have legalized marijuana for medical use (that’s over half the country) and eight states plus the District of Columbia have given adults over the age of 21 the freedom to enjoy cannabis recreationally, similar to alcohol. Much of this new-found freedom can be traced to the work of Eric Holder, our previous Attorney General, who laid the groundwork for allowing states to tackle marijuana the way they see fit. But the freedom to medicate  and recreate in well over half the country may soon come under attack, taking us back to the days of legal dispensaries being raided by the DEA, and the rights of citizens being tossed about and pilfered as state and federal governments shut down safe access and seize assets.

“You can’t have the President of the United States of America talking about marijuana. You are sending a message to young people that there is no danger in this process. It is false that marijuana use doesn’t lead people to more drug use. It is already causing a disturbance in the States that have made it legal.” -Sen Jeff Sessions (R) AL

attorney general sessions
NORML has given Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, who will now head up the Justice Department, a grade of “F” on the subject of marijuana reform.

Despite the fact that Trump SORT-OF IMPLIED that marijuana should be a state issue while campaigning for votes, Senator Sessions, whom the President-Elect has named as his pick for the top law enforcement job in the country, sounds like a walking, talking 1970’s propaganda machine.

Recently Sessions, whom NORML has graded an “F” on the subject of cannabis reform, hosted a Senate hearing on marijuana that the Drug Policy Alliance dubbed a prohibitionist party. At the hearing, Sessions presented prohibition as a moral crusade, not just a matter of public health and criminal justice.

He called on his colleagues to spread the message “that this drug is dangerous, you cannot play with it, it is not funny, it’s not something to laugh about… and to send that message with clarity that good people don’t smoke marijuana”.

Well crap. So now what?

Who knows at this point? Sessions has never wavered, even an iota, from his hard-line anti-cannabis message, even going so far to say that he is a big fan of the DEA. Jeff Sessions has solidly established himself as an anti-pot crusader, and he has plainly stated that he will seek to undo much of the progress activists and patients have made across the country over the last half-dozen years when given the chance…and now he has that chance. The man who once said that “GOOD PEOPLE DON’T SMOKE MARIJUANA” will soon be the top law enforcement officer in our country.



  1. He’s a morally bankrupt piece of human excrement who needs to fade away with the rest of the dinosaurs and let the rest of us enter the 21st century

  2. Rick Rosio

    To the Honorable Senator Jefferson Beauregard Secessons,
    Veterans for Compassionate Care is a pilot program that is developing a pain management , PTSD program for our suffering Veteran community that uses cannabis as the gateway off of the toxic prescription medications currently used and causing the suicide rates.
    Our Veteran community is suffering and cannabis used to treat PTSD and war related injuries is the least toxic method for treating our Veterans and it is simply saving lives.
    In Washington State we have collected over $250,000,000 in taxes for our schools and communites, and we do not have issues with underage use increase.
    The overdose levels are down, narcotic prescription medication demands are down as the suffering are turning to cannabis and reducing the needs for opiates.
    Law enforcement does not have to enforce this old law that is no longer accepted by society as state by state and community by community cannabis laws are being dissembled and our law enforcement agencies can deal with real crime and not chasing a plant and the people who use it.
    Tax and Regulate and develop a compassionate approach to the cannabis issue as the people of this nation no longer support prohibition of this healing plant.
    Let the scientists and medical experts help your team understand were the research is today…

    Veterans and their families deserve to have hope and compassion as they try to heal from their war related injuries and stressors. “

  3. Will Estes

    Go away Jeff Sessions.
    I have Fibromyalgia and have had it for many years. If you don’t have it, then you have NO IDEA of the pain that I and lots of others go through on a daily bases.
    Doctors have had me on every pain medication there is. Now since the DEA has gotten involved in pain medication doctors are decreasing the mg or doing away with pain medications. My doctor has cut me back alot in the past 2 years.
    I have used medical marijuana in the past and guess what Mr. session, medical marijuana does help with pain.
    EVERY Pain Management Doctor in the United States SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHT to prescribe Medical Marijuana to their patients for pain.
    Medical Marijuana SHOULD replace the opioids thar we are given for pain.
    This crap that you (Jeff Sessions) said that Marijuana is the gate way drug to hard drugs.
    That is a crock!
    If people are using it then going to a opioid or other drugs, it is by their choice. Not the Marijuana.
    Now doctors are taking our pain medications away from the ones of use that need them for pain. Now addicts are the ones that are getting them.
    Many people are dying from opioids EVERY DAY and NO ONE has ever died from using Marijuana. NO ONE!
    So, Mr. Sessions would you PLEASE legalize Medical Marijuana for the ones of us who want off of opioids or other drugs that are killing people.

    Thank you for your time,

  4. I would strongly suggest that all the marijuana stores in every state shut down and find place to stash your stash and your money because this scumbag will have Federal Law behind him and he will be coming for you. PROTECT YOURSELVES!!

  5. Mitch Wardlow

    As a loyal Alabamian, I must say that this is one subject that the honorable AG Jeff Sessions and I do NOT agree on. While I commend him on his desire to keep Americans safe, I must protest his inability to grow MENTALLY. I can only hope and pray that one day this man will see the error of his belief and opinion (for that’s ALL IT IS) regarding the wonderful and HEALING effects of marijuana. Hopefully, we can all look back one day and say “Remember when AG Sessions came to his senses and stopped demonizing Mary Jane?” Roll tide!

  6. Darleen Prainito

    Why is our Government structure this hellbent on campaigning and restricting a substance that has been widely used SAFELY since the the 1920″s when it was legal but seem to be doing little to nothing about the actual epidemic of extremely addictive drugs such as heroin, crack, meth , anything they can create, that are literally wasting our youth who are this countries future. We have never had to develope or spend funds on medicines that bring a marijuana user back from the dead from overdosing.
    Nor is there a serious risk of contracting a deadly disease from its use. Seriously?
    Nor is marijuna everyone’s “cup of tea” as it is said.
    I have both seen and lived abuse from alcohol irresponsibility and misuse and witnessed the result of what both heroin and meth do to the lives of users of those very dangerous drugs.
    If I were in a position as a decision maker my main focus would certainly be focused on those types of very harmful drugs.
    And to wisely allow for at least pain sufferers to have that option available.

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