Alabama Prison Guard Found Passed Out in Car With Half-Pound of Marijuana

Marijuana in Alabama prisons

An officer with the Alabama Department of Corrections was arrested in Wetumpka Tuesday after being found passed-out drunk in a McDonald’s parking lot with over eight ounces of marijuana that he allegedly planned to distribute to inmates.┬áMichael Anderson, 28, of Prattville was arrested Tuesday morning and charged with public intoxication and first-degree possession.

Alabama corrections officer
Alabama corrections officer Michael Anderson, who was found with a half-pound of marijuana and a .16 blood alcohol level passed out in a McDonald’s parking lot.

According to Capt. Robert Sliwowski of the Wetumpka Police Department, officers responded to a call at 8 a.m. Tuesday about a suspicious person passed out in a car in the parking lot. Upon arrival, officers found Anderson passed out and intoxicated in his car. Sliwowski said Anderson had an estimated blood alcohol content of 0.16.

“When officers arrived on scene, they arrested him for public intoxication and upon search of the vehicle for impound, they found a half-pound of marijuana in a book bag in his car,” Sliwowski told the Montgomery Advertiser.

“He’ll be charged up here in the local courts,” Sliwowski said. “What DOC wants to do with him is up to them.”

Due to the ongoing investigation of both the criminal and personnel matter the Alabama Department of Corrections declined to comment on the story.

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