Lawsuit could pave the way for marijuana for Alabama Indian tribe

Alabama marijuana

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The State of Alabama is currently in court arguing that the Poarch Band of Creek Indians should not be allowed to operate electronic gambling machines on their land. A key component to that lawsuit is the question if the land used by the Poarch Creek qualifies for federal recognition.

The state says no, contending the Poarch Creek were not federally recognized until the 1980s, and previous cases ruled the U.S. could not take land and hold it in trust for tribes outside those recognized by a 1934 law.

The Poarch Creek maintains as a federally recognized tribe, it is free to operate casinos on its own land. The tribe operates gaming houses in Atmore, Montgomery and Wetumpka. PCI Gaming had net earnings of $322 million in 2012, according to the tribe’s annual report.

The gaming industry is one thing but now, with the Department of Justice ruling tribes will be able to grow and sell marijuana on their own lands, the issue of Poarch Creek property could become even more critical.

Lawsuits and marijuana

“The validity of the Poarch Creeks’ claim to federal trust lands in Alabama beyond the jurisdiction of state law enforcement is currently being challenged in at least two federal lawsuits, one of which was brought on behalf of the State by Attorney General Luther Strange,” Native American law expert and former Alabama State Senator Bryan Taylor said.

“If the Poarch Creek Indians win that case, the Justice Department’s decision authorizing marijuana on Indian lands will apply to the Poarch Creek Indians.”

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  1. Give up the state of Alabama, Federal Government. You have controlled Alabama since the Civil War. It is time to give it back to the people.

    The corruptions of the world’s of governments have programmed the citizens for generations thought controls wanted the people to think and live by. It is so embedded in so many principles that even religion has been exploited by it. Ha Ha even the Pope has been corrupted by the world of governments control of information.

    Government by enlarge don’t want the people to use marijuana because it is a psyche-active substance that promotes the use of other areas of the brain. By dominating the control of information you demand the thoughts wanted the people to think, thought not wanted the people to think and a precise way for them to live their life. In short governments want slaves; the lesser beings of a lesser god.

    The Native American allowed the Colonist to live with them in peace. But you took everything and put the Native American on small portions of land. You even control their government of their own people and your own people you have made slaves.

    1. Dr. Danko

      I think the biggest barrier right now is figuring out how the politicians and their “sponsors” are going to make money from marijuana. Once that’s figured out then the federal government will step out of the way.

  2. Dave Lees

    I have to ask, when was the last or 1st “nice” thing the USA has ever “given” Native Americans????????

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